How I began to study and treat Inverse Energy Fields

Once upon a time, I didn’t know what the phrase ‘energy field’ meant. All I knew was that people were immersed in light of differing colors just like trees, animals and everything in nature. As a child and through my life I observed, classified and developed a personal method of understanding this.

While I kept my abilities and what I knew secret to me and my teacher, every now and then I would do or say something that made people look at me in shock. I would quickly attribute it to God. I wasn’t lying really – doesn’t everything come from the great Spirit? As a teen I became quite famous as a ‘prayer’ healer. God kept my secret and none of the ‘prophets’ in church ever discovered I was studying energy fields. I got some invaluable experience healing stuttering, fertility problems, chronic back pain, asthma and so on (in others).

But very often things would go horribly wrong. People healed would fall ill again, this time even worse! This frustrated me and I couldn’t understand what was the point of healing a light energy field if they went right back and messed it up again.

At 18 I went to Australia to study and spent a lot of time studying energy fields without the constant interruption of family and church people. Here I came across new age energy healers and mystics and so on. They were all working with the light energy field, but most were unable to really heal and stay healed.

Psychological suggestion masked as spirituality was already something I was over and done with, and I consider that a violation of a person’s space.

‘Imagining’ or ‘visualizing’ energy fields instead of actually opening oneself up to actually see, seemed to me a dangerous thing. If for example you have to imagine a white ball of light healing you, you must first envision your self without that light, and then see it making a change.

Every time you supplement your self, you are acknowledging your lack and that seemed to me a trap I would never get out of.

Anyway, around that time, I suffered 2 cardiac arrests on the same day (the result of being in a terribly abusive relationship plus suppressed trauma of many years).

I was healed by my teacher using the inverse energy field method. I who had been told I’d have be on life support was running up and down stairs 4 weeks later. I told my teacher I would take things seriously and I WANTED to focus on the Inverse field method.

Back in India the next year, I got myself a flat far away from anyone who would disturb me with religious theories and the like. Now, my teacher began to teach me meditation techniques.

He taught me techniques I later found out were advanced yogic techniques even though I couldn’t even sit in the “lotus” posture (I hate to say it, I still can’t).

One morning I saw this advertisement in the newspaper promising QUICK WEIGHT LOSS with yoga and the picture of a yoga teacher who looked like he had the perfect body. I went to the demonstration class and was impressed no end when I saw the energy field of the teacher. It was one neat bar of violet light!

I signed up immediately and began to attend the class. What did I find? A cesspool. Beneath everyone’s perfect behavior, everything was about hooking up and/or one day make money teaching others or writing a book. While that irritated me, what really troubled me was the way the ‘guru’ was using the young girls he had ‘honored’ into teaching yoga day in and day out without paying them. None of them had the maturity required to energetically sustain while teaching others. If they did well, he would invite them to stay at his posh house in Mumbai and maybe share his bed.  We’re talking fifteen year old girls gone starry-eyed every time he was mentioned. When they started trying to recruit me in, I quit.

I couldn’t believe someone with such a clean beautiful light energy field could actually be supporting and fueling something like this. How could someone who said they were spiritual blatantly use and abuse others’ life energy and youth for their intentions and purpose?

I realized to my shock and horror that manipulating the light energy field was pretty easy using psychological suggestion, just the way we can manipulate our physical appearance using make-up and disguise.

Now I wanted to find and study that which could NOT be manipulated, that which was born with a person.

I withdrew again and continued with my teacher alone. Now he taught me about emotions – how emotions affect the body and this changed the way I studied energy fields. I had been working instinctively till now, now I began to understand to some extent what I had been doing.

I understood that sound, what is seen and what is FELT is the same vibration and everything is indicative of the other.

Then I followed my heart into the wildest adventure of my life up till then. I had a dream where I was telling myself to go to the Sun Temple. I assumed it was the one in Karnak, Egypt and was planning how to save up for the trip. The next morning I googled ‘Sun Temple, Karnak’ and Google returned, “Did you mean the Sun Temple at Konark?” I was surprised to learn there was a sun temple in India (indeed there are actually many).

Following my instinct, I moved to Orissa, a state with an ancient heritage that has refused to be fully tamed yet.

Here my teacher taught me to study the energy fields of buildings as the ancients had designed them. There is so much more to architecture than what we know today.

I discovered that there were ‘black holes’ where buildings and sculptures had been destroyed, and that these were not ‘sucking’ or ‘negative’ as I’d have imagined.

Instead I saw them regenerating the light energy fields in ways that gave me an idea of how the structure would have looked if it was standing.

I was shocked to find these black holes regenerating energy field ‘buildings’ in places where the Archaeological Society of India claimed nothing had ever stood! Speaking to local people however nearly always confirmed my own suspicions.

Inverse field of a razed down building, Sun temple, Konark, India

That’s me at one of my favorite Inverse energy points on the grounds of the Sun Temple at Konark. The sun is blinding bright and quite searing hot there in the summer.

My teacher told me I was in a place famous for healing techniques, and that once upon a time my heart’s love all my life, Jesus himself had been here. And that my teacher and therefore me are descended from the same lineage of healing technique. (Mixing saliva with mud and applying it is an ancient rudimentary inverse field technique). (Yes, I’m a non-religious Jesus lover).

That did it for me. After that, over years of living in the Himalaya Mountains and until now I focus on accessing and studying my own and others’ Inverse energy fields exclusively.

I no longer bother too much about the light energy field as it can be manipulated quite a bit and if not manipulated, will change regularly as the body and emotions change. I only describe its workings, closer to the body. This is because the parts of the energy field that correspond with the physical parts that are seriously ill have been ill for a long time cannot be masked really. If someone has a dysfunctional liver (for example), no mantra or energy spin can hide it.

I find studying Inverse fields satisfying because I can answer the one main question I have about every being who crosses my path – What is their life purpose?

This is the only knowledge one needs to treat a person. You just need to know what they want to do with their life energy, and you know everything else – which areas they are tired in, where they need support, and what the root cause of ALL their problems are.

I do not understand these mentally, I just look for patterns I have been trained to find, and using that, I fall back on the science my teacher gave me, I find herbs for the configuration of a person’s Inverse Field and make that combination for them.

In the process, I get to have a glimpse of them as eternal beings and am enriched.

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